Data Protection Act 2018

Amendment of section 13A of Electoral Act 1992

175. Section 13A of the Electoral Act 1992 is amended by the insertion of the following subsection after subsection (3B):

“(3C) In addition to any other electoral purpose for which the information contained in the register prepared under section 13, including a draft register or the supplement to the register prepared under section 15 or an electors list published under section 16, being information which is excluded from the edited register, may be used, that information may be used—

(a) by a specified person (within the meaning of section 39 of the Data Protection Act 2018), for the purpose of communicating with a data subject in accordance with section 39 of that Act, or

(b) by an elected representative (within the meaning of section 40 of the Data Protection Act 2018) for the purposes of section 40 of that Act.”.