Home Building Finance Ireland Act 2018


Funding of HBFI

Share capital of HBFI

10. (1) The Minister shall subscribe to the constitution of HBFI.

(2) HBFI shall on incorporation allot and issue to the Minister shares with a total nominal value of €20,000,000.

(3) Subject to subsection (4), the allotment and issue of shares by HBFI shall be subject to the prior consent of the Minister.

(4) HBFI may, from time to time, allot and issue to the Minister such number of shares as may be agreed upon and are subscribed for by the Minister.

(5) HBFI may, with the consent of the Minister, divide shares into different classes and attach to those classes any rights, privileges or conditions.

(6) In this section, “issue”, in relation to a share in HBFI, means the entry of the name of the person to whom the share is allotted in the register of members of HBFI.