Children's Health Act 2018


Board of Children’s Health Ireland

Board of Children’s Health Ireland

12. (1) Children’s Health Ireland shall have a board consisting of 12 members of whom one shall be the chairperson.

(2) The chairperson and ordinary members of the Board shall be appointed by the Minister.

(3) Persons appointed to the Board shall be persons who have, in the opinion of the Minister, experience or expertise in matters connected to the functions of Children’s Health Ireland or to corporate governance and management generally.

(4) The Board shall—

(a) ensure that the object of Children’s Health Ireland is fulfilled and that its functions are performed efficiently, effectively and to the highest standards,

(b) set the strategic objectives of Children’s Health Ireland consistent with the object and functions of Children’s Health Ireland,

(c) ensure that the appropriate systems and procedures are in place to achieve Children’s Health Ireland’s strategic objectives, fulfil its object and perform its functions.

(5) In performing its functions, the Board shall act in utmost good faith with care, skill and diligence.

(6) The Board may delegate to the Chief Executive Officer the day-to-day running of Children’s Health Ireland and any of its functions which it considers should be carried out by the Chief Executive Officer and the Board shall be responsible for monitoring, approving or reviewing performance of such functions by the Chief Executive Officer.

(7) Where a function of the Board is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer under subsection (6), the delegation shall remain in force until revoked by the Board.

(8) The Board shall provide such information relating to the performance of its functions as may be requested by the Minister.