Childcare Support Act 2018

Functions of scheme administrator

4. (1) In addition to performing any other functions conferred on it by or under this Act, the scheme administrator shall—

(a) assess, review and inform the Minister of resources required by it for the purposes of performing its functions under this Act,

(b) keep all proper and usual accounts of monies received by it, and expenditure of such monies incurred by it, in relation to the Scheme, and

(c) furnish to the Minister any specified information in relation to the institution of proceedings for recovery of debt.

(2) The scheme administrator has all such powers as are necessary for or incidental to the performance of its functions under this Act.

(3) The scheme administrator may, with the consent of the Minister, issue guidelines consistent with this Act, whether relating to the performance of a function of the scheme administrator or otherwise, for the purpose of providing practical guidance in respect of any provision of this Act or regulations made under it.

(4) The scheme administrator shall arrange for guidelines issued under this section to be published in such manner as the scheme administrator considers appropriate.