National Shared Services Office Act 2017

Transfer of certain functions of Minister to Office

8. (1) On the establishment day, all functions that—

(a) immediately before the establishment day, were vested in the Minister, and

(b) consisted of the entering into of contracts for the procurement of goods and services required for the provision of shared services,

are transferred to the Office.

(2) References in any enactment to the Minister shall, in so far as they relate to a function transferred by this section, be construed as references to the Office.

(3) For the purpose of performing a function transferred by this section and to the extent that the operation of paragraph (a) of section 9 (2) does not otherwise result in such a power being conferred on it for that purpose, the Office shall have power to do a thing referred to in any of subparagraphs (i) to (xiii) of that paragraph.