Minerals Development Act 2017

Lodgement of application for mining licence

59. The Minister shall accept an application for a mining licence from a licensee under a prospecting licence or a retention licence if—

(a) the application is in the prescribed form and contains a proposed mining plan and is accompanied by an ordnance map at an appropriate scale or other suitable map approved by the Minister showing the land proposed to be specified in the mining licence,

(b) the prospecting licence or retention licence held by the applicant applied to the minerals in or on the land proposed to be specified in the mining licence and the licensee is in compliance with the conditions of that licence,

(c) the application contains sufficient financial, technical and other information to enable the Minister to determine, for the purposes of section 65 (d), whether or not the plan proposed is feasible,

(d) the applicant nominates a company (in this Act referred to as a “nominee company”), which may be itself if the applicant is a company, that meets the requirements of section 75 to be the licensee, and

(e) the applicant submits a current tax clearance certificate in the name of the nominee company and the portion of the prescribed application fee that, pursuant to the regulations made under section 64 , is to accompany the application.