Minerals Development Act 2017

Validity of certain instruments

237. (1) Any state mining lease or licence purported to be granted under the Mines and Minerals Act 1931 or the Minerals Development Acts 1940 to 1979 before 31 March 1999 in respect of any minerals or exclusive mining rights that were vested in the Irish Land Commission under or by virtue of the Land Purchase Acts, the Land Law Acts, the Congested Districts Board (Ireland) Acts or by any other means is deemed to have been validly granted.

(2) In this section—

“the Congested Districts Board (Ireland) Acts” has the same meaning as in the Land Law (Commission) Act 1923 ;

“the Land Law Acts” means the Land Law Acts as defined by the Land Law (Commission) Act 1923 , together with any subsequent Act which provides that it is to be construed as one with the Land Law Acts.