Minerals Development Act 2017

Renewing retention licence

23. The Minister shall grant a renewal of a retention licence to the licensee in respect of the minerals and land specified in the retention licence if—

(a) the licensee submits, before the end of the term of the current licence, an application in the prescribed form, the prescribed application fee and a current tax clearance certificate,

(b) the Minister is satisfied that at the time of making the application—

(i) it is still not economically feasible to work the minerals, although it is reasonable to expect that working the minerals will become economically feasible in the future, or

(ii) there are still environmental, access or other difficulties that prevent the minerals from being worked for the time being,

(c) the Minister is of the opinion that prospecting for the minerals is in the public interest,

(d) the applicant satisfies the Minister that—

(i) a reduced exploration programme is appropriate and that the applicant has, or has available to him or her, the financial resources and technical ability to carry out the programme, or

(ii) no exploration programme is required in the circumstances,

(e) the applicant continues to be a fit and proper person (as provided for by section 27 ) to be a licensee,

(f) the licensee has complied with the conditions of the licence to be renewed and has not breached a provision of this Act or the regulations or a condition of any other prospecting licence, retention licence, mining licence or ancillary surface rights licence held by the licensee,

(g) the applicant provides the prescribed information and evidence and any additional information or evidence required by the Minister,

(h) the requirements of section 25 regarding public notice and consideration of objections have been complied with,

(i) the applicant obtains insurance of the classes and in the amounts that are satisfactory to the Minister, and

(j) the first instalment of the licence fee, as determined by the Minister, has been paid.