Minerals Development Act 2017

Regulations applying Lands Clauses Consolidation Act 1845 and compulsory acquisition of certain facilities

127. (1) The Minister may by regulations, in such cases (if any) and to such extent as he or she considers necessary for the purposes of compulsory acquisition under a mining facilities acquisition order, apply all or any of the provisions of sections 69 to 83 of the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act 1845 as if—

(a) such compensation were purchase money or compensation under that Act, and

(b) the Minister was the promoter of the undertaking,

together with any other necessary modifications.

(2) Where money is paid into court under section 69 of the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act 1845 , as applied by the Minister under subsection (1), no costs are payable by the Minister to any person in respect of any proceedings for the investment, payment of income or payment of capital of such money.