Credit Guarantee (Amendment) Act 2016


Unrelated Miscellaneous Amendments to other Enactments

Amendment of section 101 of Employment Equality Act 1998

17. Section 101 of the Employment Equality Act 1998 is amended by the insertion of the following subsection:

“(4A) (a) Where an employee refers—

(i) a case or claim under section 77, and

(ii) a claim for redress under the Act of 1977,

to the Director General of the Workplace Relations Commission in respect of a dismissal, then, from the relevant date, the case or claim referred to in subparagraph (i) shall, in so far only as it relates to such dismissal, be deemed to have been withdrawn unless, before the relevant date, the employee withdraws the claim under the Act of 1977.

(b) In this subsection—

‘Act of 1977’ means the Unfair Dismissals Act 1977 ;

‘dismissal’ has the same meaning as it has in the Act of 1977;

‘relevant date’ means such date as may be prescribed by, or determined in accordance with, regulations made by the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation.”.