S.I. No. 356/2015 - Flora (Protection) Order, 2015.

Notice of the making of this Statutory Instrument was published in

“Iris Oifigiúil” of 18th August, 2015.

I, HEATHER HUMPHREYS, Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, considering that each of the species, hybrids or subspecies of flora specified in the Schedules to the following Order should be protected, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by Section 21 of the Wildlife Act 1976 (No. 39 of 1976) as amended by Section 29 of the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000 (No. 38 of 2000), and the Heritage (Transfer of Departmental Administration and Ministerial Functions) Order 2011 ( S.I. No. 192 of 2011 ), (as adapted by the Tourism, Culture and Sport (Alteration of Name of Department and Title of Minister Order 2011 ( S.I. No. 220 of 2011 ))) hereby order as follows:

1. This Order may be cited as the Flora (Protection) Order, 2015.

2. (1) Each of the species, hybrids or subspecies of flora specified in column (1) of the Schedules to this Order is hereby declared to be protected throughout the State.

(2) The common name or names of each of the species, hybrids or subspecies of flora specified by its scientific name in the said column (1) is set out in column (2) of the said Schedules opposite the mention of the species, hybrid or subspecies.

(3) In case a species, hybrid or subspecies of flora specified in the said column (1) is partly comprised of flora which are not flora within the meaning of the Wildlife Act, 1976 (No. 39 of 1976), this Article shall be construed and have effect in relation to that species, hybrid or subspecies as if ", in so far as it is comprised of flora within the meaning of the Wildlife Act, 1976 ," were inserted before "is hereby declared" in paragraph (1) of this Article.

(4) For the avoidance of doubt, a species, hybrid or subspecies to which this Order refers shall include specimens of such species, hybrid or subspecies under any scientific synonym or common name by which it may be referred to.

3. The Flora (Protection) Order, 1999 ( S.I. No. 94 of 1999 ), is hereby revoked.

4. Notwithstanding paragraph 3, if any criminal proceedings for an offence under Section 21 of the Wildlife Act 1976 (No. 39 of 1976), as amended by Section 29 of the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000 (No. 38 of 2000),

(1) were pending immediately before the making of this Order, or

(2) could have been brought up to the making of this Order,

the proceedings may be prosecuted and disposed of, or may be brought, prosecuted and disposed of as if the Flora (Protection) Order, 1999 ( S.I. No. 94 of 1999 ) had not been revoked.



(1) Scientific Name

(2) Common Name

Acinos arvensis (Lam.) Dandy

Allium schoenoprasum L.

Alopecurus aequalis Sobol.

Arenaria ciliata L. (incl. subsp. hibernica Ostenf. & O. C. Dahl)

Arthrocnemum perenne (Miller) Moss (syn. Salicornia perennis Miller)

Asparagus officinalis L.

Asplenium obovatum Viv. subsp. lanceolatum (Fiori) P.Silva (syn. A. billotii F.W.Schultz)

Asplenium septentrionale (L.) Hoffm.

Astragalus danicus Retz.

Calamagrostis epigejos (L.) Roth

Callitriche truncata Guss.

Cardamine impatiens L.

Cardaminopsis petraea (L.) Hiitonen

Carex depauperata Curtis ex With.

Carex divisa Hudson

Centaurium pulchellum (Swartz) Druce

Cephalanthera longifolia (L.) Fritsch

Colchicum autumnale L.

Cryptogramma crispa (L.) R. Br. ex Hooker

Deschampsia setacea (Hudson) Hackel

Basil Thyme


Orange Foxtail

Fringed Sandwort

Perennial Glasswort

Wild Asparagus

Lanceolate Spleenwort

Forked Spleenwort

Purple Milk Vetch

Wood Small-reed

Short-leaved Water-Starwort

Narrow-leaved Bitter Cress

Northern Rockcress

Starved Wood Sedge

Divided Sedge

Lesser Centaury

Narrow-leaved HelleborineAutumn CrocusParsley FernBog Hair Grass



(1) Scientific Name

(2) Common Name

Epilobium alsinifolium Vill.

Equisetum x moorei Newman

Eriophorum gracile Koch ex Roth

Galeopsis angustifolia Ehrh. ex Hoffm.

Groenlandia densa (L.) Fourr. (syn. Potamogeton densus L.)

Gymnocarpium robertianum (Hoffm.) Newman (syn. Thelypteris robertiana (Hoffm.) Slosson)

Hammarbya paludosa (L.) O. Kuntze (syn. Malaxis paludosa (L.) Swartz)

Helianthemum nummularium (L.) Miller

Hordeum secalinum Schreber

Hydrilla verticillata (L. fil.) Royle

Hypericum canadense L.

Hypericum hirsutum L.

Inula salicina L.

Lathyrus japonicus Willd.

Limosella aquatica L.

Logfia minima (Sm.) Dumort. (syn. Filago minima (Sm.) Pers.)

Lotus subbiflorus Lag. (syn. L. hispidus Desf. ex DC. 1815)

Lycopodiella inundata (L.) Holub (syn. Lycopodium inundatum L.)

Chickweed Willow Herb

Moore’s Horsetail

Slender Cotton Grass

Red Hemp Nettle

Opposite-leaved Pondweed

Limestone Fern

Bog Orchid

Common Rockrose

Meadow Barley

Irish Hydrilla

Canadian St. John’s Wort

Hairy St. John’s Wort

Irish Fleabane

Sea pea


Slender Cudweed

Hairy Birdsfoot Trefoil

Marsh Clubmoss



(1) Scientific Name

(2) Common Name

Mentha pulegium L.

Mertensia maritima (L.) S.F. Gray

Minuartia recurva (All.) Schinz & Thell.

Misopates orontium (L.) Rafin.

Najas flexilis (Willd.) Rostk. & W.L.E. Schmidt

Omalotheca sylvatica (L.) Schultz Bip. & F.W. Schultz (syn. Gnaphalium sylvaticum L.)

Otanthus maritimus (L.) Hoffmanns. & Link (syn. Diotis maritima (L.) Desf. ex. Cass.

Papaver hybridum L.

Pilularia globulifera L.

Polygonum viviparum L.

Pseudorchis albida (L.) ?. & D. Lve (syn. Leucorchis albida (L.) E.H.F. Meyer)

Puccinellia fasciculata (Torrey) E.P. Bicknell

Pyrola rotundifolia L. subsp. maritima (Kenyon) E.F. Warburg

Sanguisorba officinalis L.

Saxifraga granulata L.

Saxifraga hartii D.A. Webb

Saxifraga hirculus L.

Saxifraga nivalis L.

Penny Royal

Oyster Plant

Recurved Sandwort

Lesser Snapdragon

Slender Naiad

Wood Cudweed


Round Prickly-headed Poppy


Alpine Bistort

Small-white Orchid

Tufted Salt-marsh Grass

Round-leaved Wintergreen

Great Burnet

Meadow Saxifrage

Harts Saxifrage

Yellow Marsh Saxifrage

Alpine Saxifrage



(1) Scientific Name

(2) Common Name

Scirpus triqueter L. (syn. Schoenoplectus triqueter (L.) Palla)

Scleranthus annuus L.Simethis planifolia (L.) Gren.

Spiranthes romanzoffiana Cham.

Stachys officinalis (L.) Trevisan (syn. Betonica officinalis L.)

Trichomanes speciosum Willd.

Trifolium glomeratum L.

Trifolium subterraneum L.

Trollius europaeus L.

Vicia orobus DC.

Viola hirta L.

Viola lactea Sm.

Triangular Club RushAnnual KnawelKerry LilyDrooping Lady’s TressesBetony

Killarney FernClustered CloverSubterranean CloverGlobe Flower

Bitter Vetch

Hairy VioletPale Heath Violet



(1) Scientific Name

(2) Common Name

Bartramia halleriana Hedw.

Brachydontium trichodes (F.Weber) Milde

Bryum calophyllum R.Br.

Bryum intermedium (Brid.) Blandow

Bryum knowltonii Barnes

Bryum salinum I.Hagen ex Limpr.

Bryum uliginosum (Brid.) Bruch & Schimp.

Bryum warneum (Rhl.) Brid.

Campylostelium saxicola (F.Weber & D.Mohr) Bruch & Schimp.

Catoscopium nigritum (Hedw.) Brid.

Didymodon acutus (Brid.) K.Saito

Didymodon maximus (Syed & Crundw.) M.O.Hill

Ditrichum cornubicum Paton

Ditrichum lineare (Sw.) Lindb.

Ditrichum plumbicola Crundw.

Encalypta ciliata Hedw.

Encalypta rhaptocarpa Schwgr.

Entosthodon muhlenbergii (Turner) Fife

Ephemerum cohaerens (Hedw.) Hampe

Ephemerum spinulosum Bruch & Schimp. ex Schimp.

Haller’s Apple-moss


Blunt Bryum; Matted Bryum

Many-seasoned Thread-moss

Knowlton’s Thread-moss

Saltmarsh Thread-moss

Cernuous Thread-moss

Warne’s Thread-moss; Sea Bryum


Down-looking Moss; Golf-club Moss

Pointed Beard-moss

Irish Beard-moss

Cornish Path-moss

Dark Ditrichum


Fringed Extinguisher-moss

Ribbed Extinguisher-moss

Muhlenberg’s Cord-moss

Clustered Earth-moss

Prickly Earth-moss



(1) Scientific Name

(2) Common Name

Fissidens rufulus Bruch & Schimp.

Grimmia atrata Miel. ex Hornsch.

Hamatocaulis vernicosus (Mitt.) Hedens

Hedwigia integrifolia P.Beauv.

Hygrohypnum duriusculum (De Not.) D.W.Jamieson

Hypnum uncinulatum Jur.

Kiaeria falcata (Hedw.) I.Hagen

Leptodon smithii (Hedw.) F.Weber & D.Mohr

Meesia triquetra (L. ex Jolycl.) ngstr.

Meesia uliginosa Hedw.

Molendoa warburgii (Crundw. & M.O.Hill) R.H.Zander

Myurella julacea (Schwgr.) Schimp.

Oedipodium griffithianum (Dicks.) Schwgr.

Orthotrichum sprucei Mont.

Paludella squarrosa (Hedw.) Brid.

Pohlia andalusica (Hhn.) Broth.

Ptilium crista-castrensis (Hedw.) De Not.

Scleropodium touretii (Brid.) L.F.Koch

Tortella inclinata (R.Hedw.) Limpr.

Ulota coarctata (P.Beauv.) Hammar

Beck Pocket-moss

Copper Grimmia

Shining Sickle Moss; Varnished Hook-moss; Slender Green Feather-moss

Green Hoar-moss

Broad-leaved Brook-mossHooked Plait-moss

Sickle-leaved Fork-moss

Prince-of-Wales Feather-mossThree-ranked Hump-moss

Broad-nerved Hump-moss

Warburg’s Moss

Small Mouse-tail Moss


Spruce’s Bristle-moss

Tufted Fen-moss

Roth’s Thread-moss

Ostrich-plume Feather-moss

Glass-wort Feather-moss

Bent Crisp-moss

Club Pincushion



(1) Scientific Name

(2) Common Name

Acrobolbus wilsonii Nees

Adelanthus lindenbergianus (Lehm.) Mitt.

Barbilophozia atlantica (Kaal.) Loeske

Bazzania pearsonii Steph.

Cephalozia crassifolia Lindenb. & Gottsche

Cephaloziella massalongi (Spruce) Mll.Frib.

Cephaloziella nicholsonii Douin

Geocalyx graveolens (Schrad.) Nees

Gymnomitrion concinnatum (Lightf.) Corda

Gymnomitrion corallioides Nees

Leiocolea gillmanii (Austin) A.Evans

Leiocolea rutheana (Limpr.) Mll.Frib.

Lejeunea hibernica Bischl. et al. ex Grolle

Lejeunea mandonii (Steph.) Mll.Frib.

Marchantia polymorpha subsp. montivagans Bischl. & Boisselier

Mastigophora woodsii (Hook.) Nees

Pallavicinia lyellii (Hook.) Carruth.

Petalophyllum ralfsii (Wilson) Nees & Gottsche

Plagiochila carringtonii (Balf.) Grolle

Plagiochila heterophylla Lindenb. ex Lehm.

Radula holtii Spruce

Riccia crozalsii Levier

Scapania nimbosa Taylor

Scapania ornithopodioides (With.) Waddell

Southbya tophacea (Spruce) Spruce

Wilson’s Pouchwort

Lindenberg’s Featherwort

Atlantic Pawwort

Arch-leaved Whipwort

Irish Pincerwort

Lesser Copperwort

Greater Copperwort

Turps Pouchwort; Turpswort

Braided Frostwort

Coral Frostwort

Gillman’s Notchwort

Lesser Fen Notchwort

Irish Pouncewort

Atlantic Pouncewort

Mountain Liverwort

Wood’s Whipwort

Ribbonwort; Veilwort


Carrington’s Featherwort

Western Featherwort

Holt’s Scalewort

Ciliate Crystalwort

Cloud Earwort

Bird’s-foot Earwort

Green Blackwort



(1) Scientific Name

(2) Common Name

Fulgensia fulgens (Sw.) Elenkin

Scrambled-egg Lichen



(1) Scientific Name

(2) Common Name

Lamprothamnium papulosum (Wallr.) J. GrovesNitella gracilis (Smith) Agardh

Foxtail Stonewort Slender Stonewort


GIVEN under my Official Seal,

21 May 2015.


Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.