Children and Family Relationships Act 2015

Effect of declaration under section 21 or 22

23. Where a person is declared under section 21 or 22 to be a parent of a child, from the date on which the declaration is made—

(a) the person shall be deemed to be the parent, under section 5 (1)(b), of the child,

(b) the person, referred to in section 20 (1)(d), who provided a gamete that was used in the DAHR procedure that resulted in the birth of the child—

(i) is not the parent of the child, and

(ii) has no parental rights or duties in respect of the child,


(c) a reference in any enactment to a mother, father or parent of a child shall be construed as not including, in relation to the child to whom the declaration relates, the person referred to in paragraph (b).