International Protection Act 2015


66. (1) The Minister shall appoint a person to be Registrar of the Tribunal.

(2) A person appointed under subsection (1) shall perform the functions assigned to him or her by or under this Act.

(3) The Registrar shall be responsible to the chairperson for the performance of his or her functions.

(4) Where the Registrar is for any reason temporarily unable to perform his or her function of assigning and re-assigning appeals under section 67 or the position of Registrar is vacant, that function of the Registrar may be performed, for the duration of the inability or until an appointment is made under subsection (1) by such member of the staff of the Tribunal as may, from time to time, be designated for that purpose by the Registrar, or (in the absence of such designation) by the Minister, and references in this Act to the Registrar shall be read as including references to a person designated under this subsection.