Prisons Act 2015

Amendment of Criminal Justice Act 1960

8. The Criminal Justice Act 1960 is amended—

(a) in section 1, by deleting the definition of “Saint Patrick’s Institution”,

(b) in section 2 (amended by section 1 of the Criminal Justice (Temporary Release of Prisoners) Act 2003 ), by substituting the following subsection for subsection (11):

“(11) In this section—

(a) references to a person who is serving a sentence of imprisonment shall be construed as including references to a person being detained in a place provided under section 2 of the Prisons Act 1970 and ‘sentence of imprisonment’ shall be construed accordingly, and

(b) references to a prison shall be construed as including references to a place provided under the said section 2.”,

(c) in section 3(1), in the definition of “criminal lunatic”, by deleting “or of detention in Saint Patrick’s Institution,”,

(d) in section 10(1), by substituting “in another remand institution or in a prison” for “in another remand institution, in a prison or in Saint Patrick’s Institution”, and

(e) in section 11(2), by substituting “a remand institution” for “an institution (being a remand institution or Saint Patrick’s Institution)”.