Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015

General functions of Advisory Council

11. (1) The functions of the Advisory Council shall be to advise and make recommendations to—

(a) the Minister in relation to—

(i) the preparation of a national mitigation plan,

(ii) the preparation of a national adaptation framework, and

(iii) compliance with any existing obligation of the State under the law of the European Union or any international agreement referred to in section 2 ,

(b) a Minister of the Government in relation to—

(i) the submission, to the Minister, of sectoral mitigation measures to be included in a national mitigation plan pursuant to section 4 (2)(d), and

(ii) the making by him or her of a sectoral adaptation plan,

(c) the Government in relation to the approval of—

(i) a national mitigation plan,

(ii) a national adaptation framework, and

(iii) a sectoral adaptation plan,


(d) the Government, the Minister and any other Minister of the Government in respect of any policy of the Government, or any policy that is proposed to be submitted to the Government for approval relating to—

(i) the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and

(ii) adaptation to the effects of climate change in the State.

(2) For the purposes of the performance of its functions, the Advisory Council may—

(a) gather such information as it considers necessary or appropriate, and

(b) meet and consult with such persons (including members of the public) as it considers appropriate.

(3) The Advisory Council shall be independent in the performance of its functions.