Marriage Act 2015


Religious Bodies

Religious bodies

7. (1) Nothing in this Act or any other enactment shall be construed as obliging—

(a) a religious body to recognise a particular form of marriage ceremony for the purposes of section 51(3)(c) of the Act of 2004, or

(b) a religious solemniser to solemnise a marriage in accordance with a form of marriage ceremony which is not recognised by the religious body of which the religious solemniser is a member.

(2) In this section—

“form of marriage ceremony” includes that form in so far as it relates to the sex of the parties to the ceremony;

“religious body” has the meaning assigned to it by section 45 of the Act of 2004;

“religious solemniser” means a member of a religious body standing registered in the Register of Solemnisers maintained under section 53 of the Act of 2004.