Gender Recognition Act 2015

Requirements on application where recognition in another jurisdiction

11. (1) A person who has changed gender under the law of a country or territory, other than the State, may apply to the Minister for a gender recognition certificate.

(2) A person who applies for a gender recognition certificate under this section shall—

(a) furnish the following to the Minister:

(i) each item referred to in paragraphs (a) to (e) of section 10 (1);

(ii) a statutory declaration that he or she is not married or a civil partner;

(iii) the decision, order or certificate of gender recognition issued in the country or territory concerned,


(b) show to the satisfaction of the Minister—

(i) that requirements to be fulfilled, under the law of the country or territory concerned so that a decision, order or certificate of gender recognition is issued, are at least equivalent to the requirements to be fulfilled under subparagraphs (ii) to (iv) of section 10 (1)(f), for the issue of a gender recognition certificate in the State, and

(ii) the authenticity of the document referred to in paragraph (a)(iii) which may include by means of certification by the person or body who issued the document and a translation thereof.

(3) Subsections (2) to (6) of section 8 shall apply, with any necessary modifications, to an application to the Minister under this section as they apply to an application under section 8 and references to a decision under section 8 or any part thereof shall be taken to include references to a decision in respect of an application under this section.