Statute Law Revision Act 2015


1. In this Act—

“Act of 2005” means the Interpretation Act 2005 ;

“instrument” means—

(a) an order, regulation, rule, bye-law, scheme or proclamation,

(b) any similar instrument (including a warrant, licence, certificate, direction, notice or guideline) of a regulatory, general or public nature, howsoever described, other than a charter or letters patent, or

(c) any instrument referred to in Schedule 2 ,

which was made in exercise of a power conferred by or under a statute, instrument, charter, administrative authority or executive authority including a prerogative power, or which was published in, or notice of the making of which was published in, the Dublin Gazette or the London Gazette;

“made” includes issued, granted or otherwise created;

“Minister” means the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform;

“statute” includes, where the context allows, a royal ordinance, charter or similar document that—

(a) is of a public and general nature, and

(b) by virtue of its antiquity and having been granted or otherwise made before or during the development of the parliamentary system, is judicially noticed as having the force and effect of an Act of Parliament.