Vehicle Clamping Act 2015

Clamping notice

13. (1) When fixing a clamp to a vehicle in a clamping place, the clamping operator or person fixing the clamp to the vehicle shall also affix to the vehicle a notice (“clamping notice”) which shall—

(a) indicate the reason for the clamp being fixed to the vehicle,

(b) indicate—

(i) that a clamp has been fixed to the vehicle, and

(ii) the time and date when—

(I) the wrongful or unlawful parking of the vehicle was detected, and

(II) the clamp was fixed to the vehicle,

(c) give a warning that an attempt should not be made to drive the vehicle or otherwise put it in motion until the clamp is removed,

(d) specify the steps to be taken to secure the removal of the clamp, and

(e) give details of the appeals process under Part 3.

(2) This section does not apply to a vehicle to which an immobilisation device has been fixed under section 101B.