Valuation (Amendment) Act 2015

Transitional provisions (sections 43 to 45) - general statement as to their effect, including clarification as to their scope

41. (1) Sections 43 to 45 provide that, in respect of certain cases in which steps under the Principal Act have already been taken before the relevant date, the Principal Act shall have effect in its un-amended form, but this is subject to sections 43 (2) and 44 (1).

(2) Unless the contrary is provided by sections 43 to 45 the fact that a step under the Principal Act had already been taken before the relevant date shall not in itself prevent the Principal Act, as it stands amended by this Act, from having effect in relation to the case concerned.

(3) In particular, the Principal Act, as amended by this Act, shall, on and from the relevant date, have effect in relation to any case in which, before that date—

(a) a valuation order has been made, and

(b) no copy valuation certificates (relating to properties situated in the rating authority area specified in the valuation order) have been issued under section 26 of the Principal Act.

(4) In this section “relevant date” has the meaning assigned to it by section 42 (2)(d).