Valuation (Amendment) Act 2015

Amendment of Part 13 of Principal Act

37. Part 13 of the Principal Act is amended by inserting after section 67 the following:

“Prohibition against unauthorised disclosure of confidential information

68. (1) In this section ‘confidential information’ means information that is expressed by the Commissioner to be confidential either as regards particular information or as regards information of a particular class or description.

(2) Except in the circumstances set out in subsection (3), a person shall not disclose confidential information obtained while performing any function under this Act.

(3) A person does not contravene subsection (2) by disclosing confidential information if the disclosure—

(a) is authorised by the Commissioner,

(b) is made to the Commissioner or the Tribunal,

(c) is made to the Minister by or on behalf of the Commissioner or in compliance with this Act, or

(d) is otherwise permitted by law.

Commissioner may charge fees for copies of valuation lists, etc. supplied

69. (1) The Commissioner may charge fees for copies and extracts of valuation lists, revisions and other documents (including maps and field books) in his or her custody or to which he or she has access.

(2) The Commissioner may, with the consent of the Minister, determine the fees to be charged for copies or extracts supplied.

(3) The Commissioner shall account for the fees collected in the annual report.

Occupier may appoint agent

70. An occupier may appoint an agent for the purpose of the service of certificates, notices or other documents under section 66.

Data sharing

71. (1) Notwithstanding any enactment or rule of law—

(a) a relevant person shall, upon a request from the Commissioner, provide the Commissioner with such information in the possession or control of the relevant person as the Commissioner may reasonably require for the purpose of enabling the Commissioner to perform his or her functions under this Act, and

(b) the Commissioner shall provide a rating authority with such information in the possession or control of the Commissioner, pursuant to this Act, as that rating authority may reasonably require for the purpose of enabling it to perform its functions by or under any enactment.

(2) In this section—

‘relevant person’ means any of the following:

(a) a rating authority;

(b) the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland;

(c) the Registrar of Companies;

(d) the Property Registration Authority;

(e) the Property Services Regulatory Authority;

(f) the Revenue Commissioners;

(g) any other person for the time being prescribed.”.