Valuation (Amendment) Act 2015

Supplemental provision in relation to section 13 - time within which decision on revision must be made

14. On and from such day as the Minister appoints by order under this section, the following amendment shall have effect in relation to the section inserted in the Principal Act by section 13 , namely, the following subsection shall be substituted for subsection (5) of section 28 inserted in the Principal Act by that section:

“(5) (a) A revision manager shall, if the property concerned is property that has been the subject of an application under section 27, before the expiry of the relevant period—

(i) make a decision as to whether the circumstances referred to in subsection (4) exist for the exercise by him or her of the powers under that subsection in relation to that property,

(ii) if he or she decides that those circumstances do exist, exercise those powers in relation to that property accordingly.

(b) In this subsection ‘relevant period’ means the period of 6 months from the date the Commissioner determined that the relevant application made to the Commissioner under section 27 (that is to say, the application, under that section, on foot of which the appointment of the revision manager referred to in paragraph (a) was made) was valid and that the fee prescribed in respect of that application has been paid.”.