Merchant Shipping (Registration of Ships) Act 2014


Irish Ships, National Colour and Character

Irish ships

33. (1) The following ships shall be known as Irish ships:

(a) subject to subsection (2), ships registered under this Act on the Register;

(b) ships not required to register under this Act, which are wholly owned by Irish citizens or Irish bodies corporate and are not registered under the law of another state, provided they are operating domestically;

(c) warships of the Defence Forces, while manned by members of those forces.

(2) The following ships shall not be known as Irish ships:

(a) ships registered in accordance with section 24 ;

(b) ships, including categories or types of ships, registered on such Parts of the Register as may be determined by the Minister from time to time, when not operating domestically, having regard to the size of the ship.

(3) Irish ships shall be entitled to fly the national colours and assume national character.