County Enterprise Boards (Dissolution) Act 2014

Transfer of functions of county enterprise boards to Enterprise Ireland

6. (1) All functions that, immediately before the dissolution day, were vested in a county enterprise board by or under any enactment are transferred to Enterprise Ireland.

(2) References in any enactment (other than this Act) or instrument under an enactment to a county enterprise board shall be construed as references to Enterprise Ireland.

(3) (a) The functions transferred to Enterprise Ireland by this section shall, in the functional area of a local authority, be performed on its behalf by that local authority.

(b) Enterprise Ireland may make an arrangement with a local authority in relation to the performance by that local authority of functions transferred to Enterprise Ireland by this section and, where such an arrangement is made, the local authority shall perform those functions in accordance with the arrangement.

(c) An arrangement under this section may specify conditions in relation to the performance of the functions concerned by the local authority.

(4) Section 10 of the Act of 1995 is amended by—

(a) the deletion, in paragraph (e) of subsection (4), of “subject to the prior consent in writing of the Minister”, and

(b) the deletion, in that subsection, of paragraph (g).