Companies Act 2014

Delivery of documents in electronic form may be made mandatory

897. (1) If the Minister, after consultation with the Registrar, considers that the performance by the Registrar of functions under this Act with respect to the receipt and registration of information under any particular provision of it could be more efficiently discharged if an order under this section were to be made in relation to that provision then the Minister may make such an order accordingly.

(2) The order referred to in subsection (1) is an order providing that the sole means to be used to deliver, under the particular provision concerned, a document (within the meaning of section 896 ) to the Registrar shall be those provided for under the Electronic Commerce Act 2000 and, accordingly, where such an order is made, those means shall, for that purpose, be used to the exclusion of any other means.

(3) An order under this section may relate to more than one, or to every, provision of this Act.

(4) In subsection (1) “information” shall be read in the same manner as section 896 provides “document” in that section is to be read.

(5) In subsection (2) the reference to the use of the means provided for under the Electronic Commerce Act 2000 is a reference to their use in a manner that complies with any requirements of the Registrar of the kind referred to in sections 12(2)(b) and 13(2)(a) of that Act.