Forestry Act 2014


Protection of Environment

Role of Minister in safeguarding environment

11. The Minister, in performing his or her functions under the relevant statutory provisions, shall—

(a) have regard to the social, economic and environmental functions of forestry,

(b) follow good forest practice,

(c) take particular account of—

(i) the different habitats and species in forests, and

(ii) natural and semi-natural woodland,

(d) consider whether the subject matter of the function being performed requires the carrying out of one or more of the following:

(i) a screening for an environmental impact assessment;

(ii) the submission of an environmental impact statement;

(iii) an environmental impact assessment;

(iv) his or her functions under the Habitats Regulations, including—

(I) a screening for an appropriate assessment,

(II) the submission of a Natura Impact Statement, and

(III) the carrying out of an appropriate assessment,

within the meaning of those Regulations,


(e) where there is such a requirement under paragraph (d), ensure that it is carried out.