Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014

Regulations (Part 3)

30. The Minister may make regulations in relation to all or any one or more of the following:

(a) the class or classes of house excluded from sale under this Part;

(b) for the purposes of making an application to purchase a house under this Part, the minimum period for which a person is required to be in receipt of social housing support under Chapter 3 of Part 2 of the Act of 2009, which period may differ according to the form of social housing support involved but shall not in any case be less than one year before the date of the making of such application;

(c) the class or classes of tenants with whom incremental purchase arrangements may be entered into;

(d) the minimum amount of annual income that a tenant is required to have in order to apply to purchase a house under this Part;

(e) the method for determining the purchase price of a house, which method may—

(i) differentiate between classes of houses,

(ii) take account of the age of the house and the estimated cost to the housing authority of providing, in accordance with prevailing national building standards and design policies for local authority housing, a house on the same site designed to accommodate a household in the same class that the house being purchased was designed for,

and any such method of determination of such estimated cost shall include, among other matters, the cost of site acquisition, legal and other professional fees;

(f) the method for determining the discount that is to be deducted from the purchase price for the purposes of calculating the purchase money, which method shall take account of the annual income of tenants to whom houses are sold under this Part;

(g) the period for which a charging order shall apply in respect of a house sold under an incremental purchase arrangement under this Part, which period may vary depending on the discount deducted from the purchase price for the purposes of calculating the purchase money but shall not, in any case, be less than 20 years from the vesting date;

(h) the form and manner of, and terms and conditions to be specified in, a transfer order and a charging order;

(i) the class or classes or description of persons who are suitably qualified by reference to their qualifications and experience to determine the market value or relevant market value of a dwelling or site, as the case may be, for the purposes of this Part;

(j) the form of the statement for the purposes of sections 26 (4) and 27 (2)(b);

(k) any such other matters as the Minister considers necessary and appropriate relating to incremental purchase arrangements.