Industrial Development (Forfás Dissolution) Act 2014


2. In this Act—

“Act of 1987” means the Science and Technology Act 1987 ;

“Act of 1993” means the Industrial Development Act 1993 ;

“Act of 1995” means the Industrial Development Act 1995 ;

“Act of 1996” means the National Standards Authority of Ireland Act 1996;

“Act of 1997” means the European Parliament Elections Act 1997 ;

“Act of 1998” means the Industrial Development (Enterprise Ireland) Act 1998 ;

“Act of 2003” save where otherwise appears, means the Industrial Development (Science Foundation Ireland) Act 2003 ;

“Act of 2005” means the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 ;

“Act of 2012” means the Public Service Pensions (Single Scheme and Other Provisions) Act 2012 ;

“Act of 2013” means the Industrial Development (Science Foundation Ireland) (Amendment) Act 2013 ;

“dissolved body” shall be construed in accordance with section 16 ;

“dissolution day” means the day appointed as the dissolution day under section 16 ;

“IDA” means the Industrial Development Agency (Ireland);

“Minister” means the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation;

“recognised trade union or staff association” means a trade union or staff association recognised by the Minister for the purposes of negotiations which are concerned with the remuneration or conditions of employment, or the working conditions of employees;

“superannuation benefit” means a pension, gratuity or other allowance payable on resignation, retirement or death.