Public Health (Sunbeds) Act 2014

Executive may publish information respecting certain persons

21. (1) The Executive shall keep and maintain a list (the “Sunbed Non-Compliance List”) of the names and addresses of the following persons and the particulars specified in subsection (2):

(a) a person on whom a fine or other penalty was imposed by a court under this Act;

(b) a person who made a payment to the Executive pursuant to a fixed payment notice under section 20 .

(2) The Sunbed Non-Compliance List shall specify, in relation to each person named in the list, such particulars as the Executive considers appropriate in respect of the following:

(a) the matter occasioning any fine or penalty imposed on the person by the court and the amount or nature of that fine or penalty;

(b) the matter occasioning any fixed payment notice under this Act and the amount of that payment.

(3) The Executive may, at any time and in any form or manner the Executive considers appropriate, publish or cause to be published all or any part of the Sunbed Non- Compliance List.