Motor Vehicle (Duties and Licences) Act 2013

Amendment of section 6 of Local Government Act 1998

7. Section 6 (amended by section 6 of the Act of 2012) of the Local Government Act 1998 is amended—

(a) by substituting the following subsection for subsection (2C):

“(2C) (a) Subject to paragraphs (b) and (c), the Minister may, on or before 31 December 2013, pursuant to a request from the Minister for Finance, make one, or more than one, payment out of the Fund in the amount requested by the Minister for Finance.

(b) When making a payment under paragraph (a), the Minister shall have regard to—

(i) the amount then standing to the credit of the Fund,

(ii) the payments due to be made in respect of expenses incurred or to be incurred by one or more local authorities in performing its or their functions generally, and

(iii) the payments due to be made under subsection (2A) (amended by section 44 of the Environment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2011 ).

(c) The total amount of all payments made under paragraph (a) shall not exceed €150 million.”,


(b) by deleting subsections (2D), (2E), (2F) and (2G).