National Lottery Act 2013

Functions of Regulator

9. (1) The principal function of the Regulator shall be to procure the holding of the National Lottery—

(a) by a person under a licence, or

(b) where no licence is in force, under section 10 .

(2) The Regulator shall exercise his or her functions under this Act in such manner he or she considers the most likely to ensure—

(a) that the National Lottery is run with all due propriety,

(b) that the interests of participants in the National Lottery are protected, and

(c) that the long term sustainability of the National Lottery is safeguarded.

(3) Subject to subsection (2), the Regulator shall in exercising his or her functions seek to ensure that revenues allocated to the purposes, as provided for in section 41, are as great as possible subject to any terms in this regard contained in the licence.

(4) The Regulator shall monitor and enforce compliance by the operator with this Act and the terms and conditions of the licence granted to the operator.

(5) The Regulator may exercise the enforcement rights of any trade mark of the National Lottery under the Trade Marks Act 1996 or exercise such rights jointly with the licence holder.