National Lottery Act 2013



Investigation into affairs of operator

32. (1) The Regulator where he or she is of the opinion that there are circumstances suggesting it is appropriate to investigate and report on any apparent breach of this Act or the terms or conditions of the licence held by the operator may appoint a person (“investigator”) to investigate the apparent breach.

(2) The operator and his or her employees shall co-operate with any investigation under subsection (1) and supply the investigator with such information as the investigator considers necessary for the purposes of the investigation.

(3) For the purposes of an investigation an investigator may enter the premises of the operator and may remain on the premises and have access to, inspect and take copies of any records kept by the operator (whether in legible form or otherwise) he or she finds or are produced to him or her.

(4) Where the investigator forms the opinion that there has been a breach of this Act or the terms or conditions of the licence or that the operator has failed to comply with the investigation, he or she shall inform the operator and the Regulator. The operator may, within 10 days, of being notified of the investigator’s opinion, make representations to the Regulator.

(5) A person who fails, without reasonable excuse, to co-operate with an investigation under this section, to supply information requested by the investigator or obstructs the investigator in the course of an investigation commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a class A fine.