National Lottery Act 2013


2. In this Act—

“breach” in relation to this Act or a term or condition of a licence includes a failure to comply with it;

“central gaming system” comprises the secure core computer systems of hardware and software that validate and record all entries for National Lottery games and identify winning combinations;

“company” means a company formed under the Companies Acts;

“Fund” means National Lottery Fund continued by section 44 ;

“hold”, in relation to a national lottery, includes establish, promote, organise and conduct;

“interactive channels” means communications over the internet that use any device from which the internet is able to be accessed;

“licence” means a licence granted under section 26 to hold the National Lottery;

“licence holder” means the holder of a licence for the time being in force, and includes the operator where the operator is a subsidiary of the licence holder;

“lottery game” means any game, competition or other procedure, including those played by way of interactive channels on the internet, in which or whereby prizes (whether money prizes or otherwise) are distributed by lot or chance among persons participating in the game, competition or other procedure;

“manager” means a person appointed under section 39 (1) in relation to the operator;

“Minister” means Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform;

“National Lottery” means any lottery game or combination of lottery games held by the Regulator or held under a licence in accordance with the rules contained in a scheme under section 45 in relation to that game or each of those games;

“National Lottery ticket” means a ticket entitling its owner to participate in the National Lottery including a ticket sold by way of interactive channels on the internet;

“operator” has the meaning assigned to it by section 29 ;

“Regulator” means Regulator of the National Lottery, or in the circumstances referred to in section 8 , the Minister;

“subsidiary” in relation to a company, means a subsidiary of the company (within the meaning of section 155 of the Companies Act 1963 );

“winning ticket” means a ticket the owner of which is entitled to a prize in the National Lottery.