National Lottery Act 2013


Number 13 of 2013




Preliminary and General


1. Short title, collective citation and commencement

2. Interpretation

3. Repeal

4. Laying of orders

5. Expenses


The National Lottery

6. National Lottery


Regulator of the National Lottery

7. National Lottery Regulator

8. Minister to act as Regulator when position of Regulator is vacant

9. Functions of Regulator

10. Power of Regulator to hold or procure holding of National Lottery when licence is not in force

11. Term of office of Regulator

12. Resignation and removal of Regulator

13. Restrictions relating to Regulator

14. Disqualification of persons from becoming Regulator

15. Prohibition on former Regulator from accepting office, etc., for 12 months

16. Prohibition on Regulator holding other office or employment

17. Staff of Regulator

18. Membership of Houses of Oireachtas or European Parliament by staff

19. Performance of certain functions by staff

20. Consultants and advisers

21. Disclosure of interests

22. Accounts and annual report of Regulator

23. Advance of funds by Minister to Regulator

24. Annual levy

25. Direction to Regulator regarding next licence


Licence to hold National Lottery

26. Licence to hold National Lottery

27. Amendment of licence

28. Publication of licence


National Lottery Operator

29. The operator

30. Winding up of An Post National Lottery Company

31. Memorandum and articles of association



32. Investigation into affairs of operator

33. Powers of Regulator to issue direction or apply for an injunction

34. Notification to operator regarding financial sanction

35. Financial sanctions

36. Revocation of licence

37. Prohibition on transfer or alienation of licence

38. Independent scrutiny of National Lottery held by operator

39. Special powers of Regulator in relation to operator


Operation of National Lottery and Use of Funds

40. Prizes in National Lottery

41. Disbursement of funds

42. Sale of National Lottery tickets

43. Prohibition on certain persons from owning lottery ticket

44. National Lottery Fund

45. Schemes for lottery games in National Lottery

46. Provisions relating to names “National Lottery” and “Irish National Lottery”


Furnishing of reports and information by operator

47. Furnishing by operator of annual report and information to Regulator

48. Furnishing of information by the operator to the Regulator

49. Sharing of Information with Revenue Commissioners and Department of Social Protection


Lotteries - Gaming and Lotteries Acts 1956 to 2013

50. Exemption of National Lottery from Gaming and Lotteries Acts 1956 to 2013

51. Amendment of section 27 and 28 of Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956, etc.

Acts Referred to

Arts Act 2003 (No. 24)

Carer’s Leave Act 2001 (No. 19)

Companies Act 1963 (No. 33)

Companies Acts

Courts Act 1981 (No. 11)

European Parliament Elections Act 1997 (No. 2)

Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956 (No. 2)

Gaming and Lotteries Acts 1956 to 2003

Gaming and Lotteries Acts 1956 to 2012

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Terms of Employment (Information) Acts 1994 and 2012

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Unfair Dismissals Acts 1977 to 2007


Number 13 of 2013


An Act to provide for the holding of a national lottery on behalf of the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, to establish the Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery and to define the functions of the Regulator, to repeal the National Lottery Act 1986 , to amend sections 27 and 28 of the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956 and to provide for connected matters. [14th May, 2013]

Be it enacted by the Oireachtas as follows: