Education and Training Boards Act 2013

Delegation of functions of chief executive.

16.— (1) A chief executive of an education and training board may in writing, subject to such terms and conditions as he or she considers appropriate and any directions that may be given by the Minister, delegate any of his or her functions to a specified member of staff of the board, and that member of staff shall be accountable to the chief executive for the performance of the functions so delegated.

(2) A chief executive shall be accountable to the education and training board for the performance of the functions delegated by him or her in accordance with subsection (1).

(3) Where a delegation is made to a member of staff under subsection (1), the member shall perform the function concerned—

(a) under the general direction and control of the chief executive,

(b) in accordance with such directions (if any) given by the Minister in relation to the performance of that function,

(c) in accordance with such terms and conditions (if any) specified under that subsection, and

(d) in like manner and subject to the like conditions (if any) applicable to the exercise of that function by the chief executive.

(4) The chief executive may revoke a delegation made in accordance with this section and shall revoke such delegation where the Minister so directs.