Personal Insolvency Act 2012

Giving of notices.

134.— (1) If, under this Part, a notice is required or permitted to be given to a person, then unless an alternative (including any electronic alternative) is agreed in advance between the person giving and the person receiving the notice or the appropriate court otherwise directs or permits, it may be given—

(a) where a person is a natural person—

(i) by giving it to the person personally, or

(ii) by sending it by prepaid post, or otherwise delivering it, in a letter addressed to the person at the person’s usual or last known place of residence or business,


(b) where the person is a body corporate—

(i) by delivering it to a person who is or apparently is concerned in the management of the body, or

(ii) by leaving it at the registered office of the body, or

(iii) by sending it by prepaid post in a letter addressed to the body at that registered office.

(2) In subsection (1)(b), ‘‘registered office’’ in relation to a body corporate means—

(a) the office of the body that is the registered office or principal office in accordance with the law under which the body is incorporated,

(b) if the body is not incorporated in the State, an office registered under a law of the State as a registered office of the body, or

(c) in the case of a body that has no such registered office or principal office, the principal place of business of the body corporate in the State.