Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012

Quality assurance procedures and relevant providers, other than previously established universities.

30.— (1) Before establishing procedures under section 28 , a relevant provider, other than a previously established university, shall submit a draft of the proposed procedures to the Authority for approval, accompanied by such fee (if any) as may be determined by the Authority under section 80 .

(2) Upon consideration of the proposed procedures submitted to it under subsection (1), the Authority may—

(a) approve the proposed procedures,

(b) refuse to approve the proposed procedures but make such recommendations to the provider as it thinks appropriate, or

(c) in accordance with section 31 , refuse to approve the proposed procedures.

(3) Where the Authority approves procedures under subsection (2)(a), the provider shall publish those procedures in such form and manner (including on the internet) as the Authority directs and shall provide a copy of the procedures as published to the Authority.

(4) The Authority may, as it thinks appropriate, determine the form and manner of the publication of procedures under subsection (3).

(5) Where the Authority makes recommendations under subsection (2)(b) the provider concerned shall take account of those recommendations before resubmitting the proposed procedures for approval under subsection (1).

(6) No further fee is payable where a provider resubmits proposed procedures in accordance with subsection (5).

(7) A provider shall implement procedures approved under this section.

(8) A provider who falsely claims or represents that its procedures for quality assurance have been approved by the Authority under this section commits an offence.