Education (Amendment) Act 2012

Amendment of section 7 of Act of 1998.

5.— Section 7 of the Act of 1998 is amended—

(a) by substituting the following paragraph for paragraph (a) of subsection (4):

“(a) shall have regard to—

(i) the resources available,

(ii) the need to secure, as far as possible, that the education system provides—

(I) best practice in teaching methods,

.(II) value for money, and

(III) quality outcomes for students,

by setting standards for those engaged in the provision of education, including the determination both of procedures and such other matters as are provided for by this Act,

(iii) the provision for education and training made by other agencies with funds provided by the Oireachtas,

(iv) the need to reflect the diversity of educational services provided in the State, and

(v) the practices and traditions relating to the organisation of schools or groups of schools existing at the commencement of this Part and the right of schools to manage their own affairs in accordance with this Act and any charters, deeds, articles of management or other such instruments relating to their establishment or operation,



(b) by repealing subsections (5) and (6) (inserted by section 40 of the Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs Act 2004 ).