Education (Amendment) Act 2012


Amendment of provisions of Education Act 1998

Amendment of section 2 of Act of 1998.

4.— Section 2 of the Act of 1998 is amended, in subsection (1)—

(a) by substituting for the definition of “educational disadvantage” the following definition:

“ ‘educational disadvantage’ means the impediments to education arising from social or economic disadvantage which prevent students from deriving appropriate benefit from education in schools;”,

(b) by substituting for the definition of “Principal” the following definition:

“ ‘Principal’ means a person appointed to be a Principal;”,


(c) in the definition of “support services”—

(i) by deleting paragraph (f), and

(ii) by substituting for paragraph (n) the following paragraph:

“(n) such other services as are specified by this Act or considered appropriate by the Minister, or both, but which shall not include health and personal social services within the meaning of the Health Act 2004 ;”.