Student Support Act 2011

Repeals and transitional arrangements.

6.— (1) The enactments specified in column (2) of Schedule 1 are repealed.

(2) A person attending a course who was, prior to the coming into operation of this section, awarded a grant to attend the course pursuant to—

(a) the enactments referred to in subsection (1), or

(b) schemes administered by a vocational education committee whereby grants were provided to students to assist them in attending courses in higher or further education,

shall, subject to the terms of the enactments or schemes, continue to receive the grant concerned until the person has completed that course and he or she shall not apply for a grant other than the grant of which he or she is in receipt.

(3) The enactments referred to in subsection (1) and schemes referred to in subsection (2)(b) shall continue in force and apply to grants made pursuant to those enactments and schemes before the coming into operation of this section to the same extent as if this Act had not been passed.