S.I. No. 670/2010 - Civil Registration (Marriage Registration Form) Regulations 2010.

Notice of the making of this Statutory Instrument was published in

“Iris Oifigiúil” of 11th January, 2011.

The Minister for Social Protection, in exercise of the powers conferred on him by sections 3 and 48 of the Civil Registration Act 2004 (No. 3 of 2004), hereby makes the following Regulations:

1. (1) These Regulations may be cited as the Civil Registration (Marriage Registration Form) Regulations 2010.

(2) These Regulations come into operation on 1 January 2011.

2. The form set out in the Schedule is prescribed as the form referred to in section 48 of the Civil Registration Act 2004 (No. 3 of 2004).

3. The Marriage Registration Form Regulations 2007 ( S.I. No. 738 of 2007 ) are hereby revoked.

Regulation 2


Foirm Cláraithe Pósta/Marriage Registration Form

Arna Heisiúint ag / Issued By

Uimhir Leagain / Version Number

Dáta Eisiúna / Date of Issue

Uimhir Fhógra / Notification Number

1: Nótaí Tábhachtacha / Important Notes

1. You must take this Marriage Registration Form with you to your marriage ceremony, where section 6 will be completed. Your marriage can not proceed without this form, which is valid only for 6 months after your intended marriage date.2. This is NOT your Marriage Certificate. To register your marriage and to purchase your Marriage Certificate, this completed form must be brought or posted to any Registrar’s Office within 1 month of the date of marriage.3. An interpreter is required for this marriage ceremony.

2: Sonraí Pháirtí 1 agus Pháirtí 2 / Details of Party 1 and Party 2

Ainm / NameSloinne / SurnameSloinne Eile / Other SurnamesDáta Breithe / Date of BirthSeoladh / AddressNáisiúntacht / NationalityInsce /SexUimh. PPS / PPS No.Slí Beatha / OccupationStádas Sibhialta / Civil StatusAinm & Sloinne Breithe na Máthar / Mother’s Forename & Birth SurnameAinm & Sloinne Breithe an Athar / Father’s Forename & Birth Surname

3: Sonraí an Phósta Bheartaithe / Details of Intended Marriage

Dáta / DateÁit / PlaceDá réir seo a leanas /According ToFinné 1 / Witness 1Finné 2 / Witness 2

Ainm & Seoladh an tSollúnaí /Name & Address of SolemniserSeoladh Todhchaí /Future Address

4: Dearbhú na bPáirtithe sa Phósadh Beartaithe / Declaration of Parties to Intended Marriage

I confirm that I have today received this Marriage Registration Form from _____, Registrar of Marriages. I confirm that I have read the contents of this form and the details on it are correct to the best of my knowledge.

..................................................................Síniú Pháirtí 1 / Signature of Party 1

..................................................................Síniú Pháirtí 2 / Signature of Party 2

5: Leasuithe arna nDéanamh Lá an Phósta / Amendments on Day of Marriage

This section is only to be used in exceptional circumstances where there is an unavoidable change to some of the details on this form which were given to the Registrar by the parties at the time of the issue of the form. Any such change should be clearly noted on the form and initialled by the Solemniser, the parties to the marriage and both witnesses. In such cases the following should also be completed. (N/B — witnesses must be over 18 years of age) We hereby confirm that this Marriage Registration Form was altered by us on the date of marriage to reflect the following change of details (please specify IN BLOCK CAPITALS):-Change of witness/es (and Date of Birth) Change of SolemniserChange of VenueChange of address of partiesOther (please specify)

6: Le comhlánú ag bhur searmanas pósta / To be completed at your marriage ceremony

The above couple were married at:


This marriage was solemnised by

..............Síniú an tSollúnaí / Signature of Solemniser

This marriage was solemnised between

..............Síniú Pháirtí 1 / Signature of Party 1..............Síniú Pháirtí 2 / Signature of Party 2

In the presence of

..............Síniú Finné 1 / Signature of Witness 1..............Síniú Finné 2 / Signature of Witness 2


GIVEN under my Official Seal,

31 December 2010.


Minister for Social Protection.


(This note is not part of the Instrument and does not purport to be a legal interpretation.)

The effect of this Order is to allow for amendments to the form, known as the Marriage Registration Form, for the purposes of the Marriage Provisions of the Civil Registration Act, 2004.