Fines Act 2010


Payment and Recovery of Fines


12.— In this Part—

“Act of 1983” means the Criminal Justice (Community Service) Act 1983 ;

“Act of 1986” means the Courts (No. 2) Act 1986 ;

“ approved person ” has the meaning assigned to it by section 20 ;

“class A fine” has the same meaning as it has in Part 2 ;

“class B fine” has the same meaning as it has in Part 2 ;

“fine” means a fine imposed by a court on a person consequent upon his or her being convicted of an offence by that court;

“financial circumstances” means, in relation to a person who has been convicted of an offence—

(a) the amount of the person’s annual income,

(b) the aggregate value of all property (real and personal) belonging to the person,

(c) the aggregate amount of all liabilities of the person including any duty (moral or legal) to provide financially for members of his or her family or other persons,

(d) the aggregate of all monies owing to the person, the dates upon which they fall due to be paid and the likelihood of their being paid, and

(e) such other circumstances as the court considers appropriate.