Social Welfare (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2010

Miscellaneous amendments to Principal Act.

24.— (1) The Principal Act is amended—

(a) by deleting section 223A (as amended by section 18 of the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act 2009 ),

(b) by deleting section 223B (as amended by section 8 of the Social Welfare and Pensions Act 2009 ),

(c) in section 240 (as amended by section 10 of the Act of 2007), in the definition of “benefit”, by deleting paragraph (d), and

(d) in section 300(2) (as amended by Schedule 1 to the Act of 2008) by deleting paragraph (ca) (inserted by section 29 of the Act of 2006).

(2) Section 2 (as amended by section 9 of the Social Welfare (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2008 ) of the Principal Act is amended in subsection (1) by inserting the following definitions:

“ ‘governing contribution year’ means the second last complete contribution year before the beginning of the benefit year which includes the day for which the benefit is claimed;

‘registered medical practitioner’ has the meaning assigned to it by the Medical Practitioners Act 2007 ;”.

(3) Section 51(1) of the Principal Act is amended in paragraph (a) by deleting the definition of “registered medical practitioner”.

(4) Section 148 (as amended by section 4 of and Schedule 1 to the Act of 2006) of the Principal Act is amended in subsection (2), in the definition of “a course of study”—

(a) by deleting “, subject to subsection (3),”, and

(b) by inserting “which may take place over more than one academic year” after “study, instruction or training”.

(5) Each provision of the Principal Act mentioned in column (1) of the Schedule is amended in the manner specified in column (2) of that Schedule opposite the mention of that provision in column (2).