Road Traffic Act 2010


47.— (1) In this Part—

“fixed charge” means the amount of a fixed charge prescribed under section 41 ;

“fixed charge offence” means an offence declared under or referred to in section 34 ;

“fixed charge notice” means a notice served under section 35 or 44 (1);

“penalty point offence” has the meaning assigned to it by section 1(1) of the Act of 2002;

“traffic warden” means a person standing authorised under section 42 (1).

(2) In this Part, references to a fixed charge notice under this section, duly completed, are references to such a notice on which the number, the date of the grant, and the period of validity of the driving licence of the person to whom the notice relates have been inserted by or on behalf of the person.

(3) A reference to a notice under section 103 (inserted by section 11 of the Act of 2002) of the Principal Act served on a person after the commencement of section 35 is to be read as a reference to a notice under this Part.