Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010


Jurisdiction and Other Related Matters


139.— In this Part—

“ Circuit Court ” means the Circuit Court when it is exercising its jurisdiction to hear and determine civil partnership law proceedings or transferring civil partnership law proceedings to the High Court;

“ civil partner ” includes, where the context requires, a person who was a civil partner in a partnership that has been dissolved;

“ civil partnership law proceedings ” in relation to a court, means proceedings before a court of competent jurisdiction—

(a) under this Act, with the exception of Part 15 ,

(b) under the Domestic Violence Act 1996 as amended by Part 9 , or

(c) between civil partners under the Partition Act 1868 and the Partition Act 1876, where the fact that they are civil partners of each other is of relevance to the proceedings.