Houses of the Oireachtas Commission (Amendment) Act 2009

Amendment of section 13 (annual estimate of ongoing expenditure) of Principal Act.

9.— Section 13 of the Principal Act is amended by inserting after subsection (4) the following:

“(4A) If, in any year, on the advice of the Secretary General, the Commission is satisfied that the amount of moneys required by it—

(a) in respect of ongoing expenditure for a period of 12 months starting on 1 January, or

(b) in respect of any matter specified in Schedule 1 as a grant-in-aid,

will exceed the amount of moneys specified in respect of any such period or matter by the Commission in a statement of estimates prepared and published in accordance with subsection (1), the Commission shall prepare and publish a supplementary statement of estimates of the additional amount of moneys required by it to meet such excess.

(4B) Any supplementary statement of estimates prepared and published by the Commission shall, not later than the end of the period to which it relates, be presented to Dáil Éireann in the manner set out in subsection (3)(a) and, when Dáil Éireann has taken note of the statement, it shall be furnished by the Secretary General to the Minister.”.