Social Welfare And Pensions (No. 2) Act 2009

Social welfare inspectors — amendment.

16.— Section 250 (as amended by sections 29 and 37 of the Social Welfare Law Reform and Pensions Act 2006 ) of the Principal Act is amended by substituting the following subsections for subsection (16):

“(16) For the purpose of ensuring compliance with this Act, a social welfare inspector may—

(a) if accompanied by—

(i) a member of the Garda Síochána in uniform, or

(ii) an officer of Customs and Excise in uniform,


(b) on production of his or her certificate of appointment,

stop any vehicle and, for such purpose, may—

(i) question and make enquiries of any person in the vehicle or in the vicinity of the vehicle, and

(ii) require such person, where the social welfare inspector reasonably suspects that the vehicle is being used in the course of employment or self-employment, to give to the social welfare inspector any record relating to the employment or self-employment of such person which such person has possession of in the vehicle.

(17) In this section ‘officer of Customs and Excise’ has the meaning assigned to it by the Customs Act 1956 .”.