Public Transport Regulation Act 2009

National Transport Authority.

30.— (1) The name of the Dublin Transport Authority is changed, on the appointed day, and it shall be known, in the English language, as the National Transport Authority or, in the Irish language, An tÚdarás Náisiúnta Iompair.

(2) References in the Act of 2008, in this Act or in any other Act to the Dublin Transport Authority or to the Authority shall from the appointed day be construed as references to the National Transport Authority.

(3) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 63 of the Act of 2008, the National Transport Authority shall, at any time at the direction of the Minister, submit a report to the Minister setting out recommendations in relation to the expansion of its functions, functional area and remit with a view to giving it a national remit in respect of all of its powers, duties and functions under the Act of 2008 and this Act.

(4) The Minister may by order appoint a day to be the appointed day for the purposes of this section.