Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009


Schengen Information System


21.— (1) In this Part—

“ Council Decision ” means Council Decision 2007/533/JHA of 12 June 2007 on the establishment, operation and use of the second generation Schengen Information System;

“ Schengen Convention ” means the Convention implementing the Schengen Agreement of 14 June 1985 between the Governments of the States of the Benelux Economic Union, the Federal Republic of Germany and the French Republic on the gradual abolition of checks at their common borders done at Schengen on 19 June 1990 and includes any amendment to or modification of that Convention whether before or after the passing of this Act but does not include the Council Decision.

(2) A word or expression that is used in this Part and also in the Council Decision or the Schengen Convention shall, unless the contrary intention appears, have the same meaning in this Part as it has in the Council Decision or, as the case may be, Schengen Convention.