Land And Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009

Register of lis pendens.

121.— (1) A register of lis pendens affecting land shall be maintained in the prescribed manner in the Central Office of the High Court.

[JA 1844, s. 10]

(2) The following may be registered as a lis pendens:

(a) any action in the Circuit Court or the High Court in which a claim is made to an estate or interest in land (including such an estate or interest which a person receives, whether in whole or in part, by an order made in the action) whether by way of claim or counterclaim in the action; and

(b) any proceedings to have a conveyance of an estate or interest in land declared void.

(3) Such particulars as may be prescribed shall be entered in the register.

(4) A lis pendens registered under section 10 of the Judgments (Ireland) Act 1844 which has not been vacated before the repeal of that section continues to have effect as if that section has not been repealed and such registration shall be deemed to form part of the register to be maintained under subsection (1).